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Isolated Incidents EP

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Isolated Incidents EP

CD, Digital, Zine

Dreams About Falling
Vinyl and CD


Hasia Dreams
5 song EP


100 Miles From Town




Songwriter, Musician, Producer

Testament to the quality of Jamie's songwriting is the roster of names happy to lend themselves to his projects; he has co-written with some of Nashville's finest songwriters including Angaleena Presley, Amy Speace, Ben Glover, Michael Logen, Wild Ponies and Brandy Zdan. Having lead Angaleena's UK band, the Pistol Annies singer returned the favour by duetting on his latest album. Larkin Poe, Brandy Zdan, Good Lovelies, BJ Cole, Richard Smith, Mark Chadwick and Wild Ponies have all collaborated on previous projects.

Jamie's latest EP 'Isolated Incidents' was nominated for Single/EP/Mini Album Of The Year 2021at the FATEA Music Annual Awards Show. 

“Here comes this confident monster of an EP! One thing that draws me to Freeman’s work is the depth of his song craft. These new songs on ‘Isolated Incidents’ are real gems.”  – Chris T-T, Folkhampton/Border Crossing

“It’s excellent!”  – Ralph McLean, BBC Radio Ulster

“The EP is stunning! It’s choking me up as I’m listening, the sure sign of a great songwriter!”  – Ken Brown, Square Roots Promotions

"Power and pace... punchy... poignant" – Mike Davies, Fatea Magazine

His album 'Dreams About Falling' was produced by Neilson Hubbard, who received a Grammy nomination for his work on Mary Gauthier's 'Rifles And Rosary Beads'.

"Heart-stopping" – Mojo

"Just about perfect... highlights the great things about Jamie's writing." ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Maverick

"A musical tour de force... one can only see Jamie‘s star ascending as a result" –

"Freeman hovers between the narrative talents of Pete Townshend, Ray Davies and other 60's luminaries..." ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ R'N'R magazine

"The Thin White Duke of Americana!" Nick Lowe

Jamie's 'Hasia Dreams' EP was "a well-timed reminder to the world at large, that here in England we have a songwriter capable of matching the best. There aren’t half measures or compromises. He writes from, and straight to, the heart. When he writes, then you have to listen."

His previous album earned his band the accolade of the UK's very own Americana virtuosos (Spiral Earth). With '100 Miles From Town' he set about defining English Americana (FATEA) with a mix of styles embracing folk, country and echoes of the 60's. Delivering a robust and thoroughly competent collection of roots-rock anthems (Americana UK) he showed how UK acts can compete best in US Americana (Three Chords & The Truth). 

Jamie produced the critically-acclaimed 'Not Waving But Drowning' and 'Dead Stars' (4 stars R2 Magazine) by The Self Help Group along with many other projects including Noble Jacks debut album 'What The Hammer'. A multi-instrumentalist, Jamie has played drums with Sam Outlaw and was MD for Angaleena Presley's UK touring band. 

His home away from home is Nashville, where he's been a regular visitor for 15 years. His network of friends and found-family there and in the UK gives him access to opportunities and collaborations that would be the envy of many, and he can't quite believe his luck. (Although, if he says so himself; he puts the hours in.)

He's a member of the Americana Music Association UK, and worked for several years as their designer and volunteer on countless projects. He's put a lot of energy into the organisation over the years, taking a 'high tide floats all boats' attitude to helping his fellow musicians.

He is the brother of acting sensation Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, Sherlock, Black Panther) and spent time playing with late 80's synth-popsters Frazier Chorus, led by another talented brother, Tim.

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